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Nov 20, 2018

This episode Noah and Matt break down the potential new contracts for most of the biggest Free Agents on the market this 2018 off season.

We list the new team, the contract we think fits best, and a brief reasoning as to why we think it works. 

We agree to disagree, and we're excited to look back at these predictions...

Nov 12, 2018

- Dissecting the Yankees with the Simonetti Source (@SimonettiSource) 

- AL/NL ROY Debate

- Harper/Machado's FA Market

- The trade/free agent market for SP 

- Should the shift be eliminated from todays game?

- What defines an "Ace" in a rotation?

-Off-season predictions & Weekly Hot Takes

Nov 6, 2018

- Closer and RHP Trevor Rosenthal has agreed to a deal with the as the first FA signing this offseason.

-OF Brett Gardner and the agree to 1 YR $7.5M deal, plus the 2M buyout for 2019.

- Clayton Kershaw and the agree on an extension to increase his contract to 3 Yrs, 93M. This lowers his AAV from...