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Aug 30, 2018

*Ken Rosenthal made us look silly and we wanted to apologize for the misleading tweet we posted earlier Wednesday morning.*

STL hires Manger Mike Schildt

Astro's possible extension with AJ Hinch

Rays "Bullpenning" success stories

Josh Donaldson was put on waivers (not clearing waivers LOL )

National League...

Aug 20, 2018


MLB Marathon is proud to announce that they will be attending the 2018 MLB Winter Meetings in Las Vegas this December.

  • Added a voicemail box for listeners (615-465-0162) 
  • Created a MLB Marathon Facebook page
  • Created a  MLB Marathon Youtube Channel

Lets Talk;

-Little League Classic

- Matchups


Aug 14, 2018

Discussing the hottest topics of August. 

Breaking down division races and putting players under the microscope. 

-David Wright in Class A ball

-Miguel Andujar ROY case

-Colorado Rockies season review

-What makes the Red Sox so dominant?

-Felix Hernandez career collapse?

-Possible Playoff scenarios/weekly hot...

Aug 9, 2018

MLBMarathon Episode 2: Lets talk Waiver Deadline, Postseason Pictures, and Predictions

-Waiver Trades

-Oakland's postseason run

-Houston battling injuries

-Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees

-Discussing the updated power rankings

-Hot Takes/Bold Predictions

Aug 1, 2018

Matt and Noah will discuss all the biggest trades that took place during this July 31st Non-Waiver deadline. Who were the winners? Who were the losers? Lets discuss some blockbusters and how they will impact their franchises. Who is the team to beat?

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