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Feb 25, 2020

This episode we were joined by Ehrhardt, Noah Yeckley, and Nick Francona.

-  Houston Astros scandal (again)

- The piece of metal

- Player Reactions

- Rob Manfred controversy

- Hot takes & more

Feb 21, 2020

This episode we are joined by Matt Fry, Noah Yeckley and Matthew Ehrhardt.

We dive dive into the AL West and try to analyze what the division will look like after some huge offseason moves.

- Kluber to Texas, potentially playing .500 baseball

- What can the Athletics do? Will they have a chance at winning the...

Feb 18, 2020

This episode is a continuation of our Divisional Rundown series

We discuss everything and anything regarding the NL West

Will the Dodgers remain a powerhouse

What can we expect from the :

Padres, Diamondbacks, Giants, and Rockies

- Hot Takes & more

Feb 14, 2020

This episode we were joined by Noah Yeckley, Matt Fry, Austin Erdossy, and J.T Collapietro.

We've done about 4-5 fantasy baseball drafts over the last week and we're ecstatic for baseball to start. It got our minds thinking about fantasy picks.

- 3 Sleeper picks

- 3 potential bust

-Hot Takes and more

Feb 12, 2020

We were joined by Matt Ehrhardt, Matt Fry, and Noah Yeckley to discuss the NL East.

- Pressure on the Braves

- Phillies need to remake the postseason

- Nationals aim to fill the shoes of Rendon

-Marlins hold their heads above water

- Mets lose Wheeler, but add strength to the bullpen

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